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Legal-Business English Documentation

One of the reasons why Deusto Alumni has decided to organize this specialized course is that we are aware of the increasing need for legal practitioners to have a working knowledge of the language used in legal documentation written in English. In addition to this, this newly-branded course is intended to help you acquire and immediately put into use the relevant legal terminology and simultaneously train your ear, while also further developing your listening skills, to be able to duly perform your professional duties. So, DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY. 

Campus Bilbao
15, 16, 17, 18, 23 y 25 de octubre de 2018

General Objective

To enable attendants to carry out all those professional tasks that require the use of English within a legal-business context involving the documentation being dealt with and related matters, with the maximum degree of effectiveness and guarantee.


Specific Objectives

• To improve linguistic skills, in particular reading and listening skills, so as to enable attendants to effectively communicate in the performance of their everyday professional duties.

• To acquire and be able to immediately put into practice the specialized terminology used in the different documents and legal areas covered by the course.



  • Power of attorney –P.O.A- (“Poder de representación”) + Videos
  • Company’s constitutional / governing documents:
    • Certificate of incorporation (“Certificado de alta en el Registro Mercantil”) + Videos
    • Memorandum of Association (“Acta de constitución de una sociedad”) + Videos
    • By-laws (“Estatutos sociales de una sociedad”) + Videos
  • Meeting documents: Notice of meeting (“convocatoria”); Agenda (“orden del día”); Minutes (“acta de una reunión / junta”) + Videos


José Castro Calvín

Mr. Castro has a large experience acquired, amongst others, in the post-graduate programs of different universities and entities (Basque Country University, Deusto University, Alicante University, Instituto Superior de Derecho y Empresa of Madrid, ...). Besides, he has collaborated with the “Asociación de Antigüos Alumnos de Derecho” of Deusto University during more than 20 years, with “Deusto Alumni” for 4 years and with the “Escuela de Práctica Jurídica” of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados del Señorío de Vizcaya during almost 10 years, teaching a wide range of legal and business English courses focused on different branches / areas of Law (e.g. mercantile, procedural, taxation, legal and business communication, legal-business documentation, …), and his assessment by the attendants has always been very positive.

His expertise in the legal area is widely acknowledged since he also actively collaborates in the training programs of the Colegio de Abogados de Burgos, Notaría Vinader, Velasco, Ruiz and renowned firms such as J & A Garrigues SLP – Bilbao-, Bufete Barrilero y Asociados – Bilbao-, SBAL Impuestos y Legal S.A –Getxo-Vizcaya–, Grupo Eurotax –Bilbao–, Euskaltax –Bilbao– and CIALT –San Sebastián–.

In addition to all the above, he has also rendered his training services to many business companies (Iberdrola –Bilbao–, Siemens –Getxo-Vizcaya–, Ormazábal Velatia –Llodio-Álava–, Moore & Stephens –Bilbao–, Consulmar –Erandio-Vizcaya–, …), institutions such as the Bilbao and San Sebastián Chambers of Commerce, and the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work, and to the Hacienda Foral de Bizkaia. Unidad de Fiscalidad Internacional. Therefore, he has a wide, well-rounded and acknowledged experience in training highly qualified professionals and university students.

Finally, mention should also be made that the trainer of this course is the author of 3 specialized bilingual dictionaries –English-Spanish–: “Diccionario de Impuestos y Aduanas”, “Diccionario de Comercio Internacional: Importación y Exportación” and “Diccionario de Seguros”, all of them published by Editorial Ariel (Grupo Planeta), which together with his in-company experience has obviously contributed to his sound knowledge of the specialized terminology in the legal and business areas, but apart from this he is acknowledged as having proven teaching skills.

Información Práctica

  • Fechas: 15, 16, 17, 18, 23 y 25 de octubre de 2018
  • Lugar: Universidad de Deusto. Avenida de las Universidades, 24
  • Hora: 15-16 de octubre, de 15:45 a 19:45; 17 de octubre, de 18:00 a 21:00; 18 de octubre, de 15:45 a 19:45; 23 y 25 de octubre, de 15:45 a 18:45
  • Duración: 21 horas
  • Información: 944139254
  • Metodología: 6 sesiones  

Tarifa General:  120 €

Tarifa Alumnos:  60 % descuento - 48 €

(3º y 4º Grado; 4º y 5º Doble Grado)

Tarifa Alumni: 50% descuento - 60 €

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