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Enero 2015

Bilbao Bizkaia Entrepreneur Meetup

BB ENTREPRENEUR MEETUP 2015 is the international event that will bring together world experts in the creation of new businesses and over 200 entrepreneurial leaders from the Basque Country.

The MIT GSW and Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral de Bizkaia host this exciting event, conducted in English, in partnership with the three Basque Universities.

The MIT Global Startup Workshop (GSW) is a student-run organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is the world’s premier workshop dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and building entrepreneurial ecosystems globally.


Learn & be inspired, contribute your expertise, develop your startup ideas, build your region's ecosystem, form lasting relationships & have an adventure! 


Campus Bilbao
22 de Enero de 2014

Topics that will be covered during the event

Panel I

Digital Content

On the one hand, in the last years, the Basque Country is witnessing a proliferation of an increasing number of successful entrepreneurs who are creating new companies, new businesses and new services around the internet, web mobile, apps.

On the other hand, the videogames and audiovisuals have become a strong-value-added business sector in Basque Country, thanks, among others, to the strong educational and training provisions in these areas (programmers, designers, engineers…) and the further capability of the SMEs to launch private projects in partnership with other related Basque and international companies.

  1. In this context, the panel will give some clues to the two groups of interest: Key factors for a successful entrepreneurship in web mobile/app based businesses.
  2. New opportunities, trends and technologies for videogames and audiovisual based businesses. 


Panel II

How to start up in Biscay

The panel will be focused on highlighting the success stories of entrepreneurs in Biscay and Basque Country.

Speakers will talk about how they came across the business idea, what challenges they faced in setting up and how they overcame them. Now as they are scaling up and expanding geographically, the panel will shed light on the challenges that a basque entrepreneur must face.

Overall, the goal is to have some speakers with inspirational stories so that the audience can get a true sense of entrepreneurship culture in the region.

Panel III

How to connect with Business Angels and VCs

The aim is to provide an overview of the various sources one has at their disposal for fundraising specifically when they are a budding startup taking into consideration both the entrepreneur’s perspective and that of investors.

The panelists will share their experiences fundraising and investing in early stage start-ups as well as raise awareness of fundraising in digital and creative industries, both in Basque Country-Europe and USA. Additionally, the goal of the panel is to educate attendees on the elements of successful venture pitches.

Panel IV

How to take advantage of efficient mentoring

Many start-ups fail due to a lack of experience or support. So, what should entrepreneurs do, to make sure their business is one of those that makes it through?

As several successful entrepreneurs outline, the secret to a successful start-up lies in “the art of delegation, risk-taking and surrounding yourself with a great team, working on projects you really believe in”. For many start-up owners, it could also lie in understanding how and where to focus their efforts.

The panel will serve to learn how the entrepreneurs have to prioritise their time and focus, how to look for the most suitable mentors for their business, and how to manage mentoring expectations upfront.



Elevator Pitch Competition

Elevator Pitch Training and Competition gives assistants the opportunity to hone their presentation skills, build confidence and present their ideas in 60 seconds or less to the entire audience for the opportunity to win cash prizes.

The EPC of BB Entrepreneur Meetup 2015 is divided in two phases. In the morning, a very recommended “How to Pitch” training will be held. In the afternoon, the registered attendants* have the chance to participate in the Oficial Competition.


Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition is aimed to early stage startup companies or individual entrepreneurs from Basque Country and surrounding areas.

An early Round 1 will be carried out for initial applications* with the ultimate goal of selecting the Final 4 to present during the event.

In a Round 2, ten semi-finalists will be chosen from this pool of applications, to be considered for this competition. The Selection and rank of top 10 will conclude with the invitations to Final 4.

The final Round 3 will take place on the event day, 22th of January, where an invited panel of judges will decide on the final winners.

Información Práctica

  • Fechas: 22 de Enero de 2014
  • Lugar: Palacio Euskalduna Bilbao

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