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What is Deusto Alumni?

DeustoAlumni, facilitated by the Community of Alumni of the University of Deusto, provides alumni all over the world with a space for meeting and dialogue.

DeustoAlumni is organized into clubs and partner associations with the objective of grouping different disciplines together to offer a better service to the community of alumni. The clubs of DeustoAlumni are governed by the following norms that can be found in the document Deusto Alumni Club Guidelines.

All of these clubs, in addition to the partner associations, are represented on the Deusto Alumni Board with the following Regulations. This document also outlines the conditions of joining DeustoAlumni or the partner associations.

Alumni can continue to be an active part of the university community through their membership in a DeustoAlumni club or partner association.

The team at DeustoAlumni is at the disposition of the clubs to coordinate and help with organizing any activities or events that they would like to achieve.

These clubs are created based on the needs of alumni groups with common interests and initiatives, such as belonging to the same area of expertise, geographic proximity, etc. If you have any suggestions or ideas for iniciatives, please contact your club through the appropriate person of contact.

Currently, the following clubs exist:

Communications Club Tourism Club Engineering Club Mundus Club Psychology Club Education Club

And the partner associations:

•Association of Law Graduates
 Deusto Business Alumni

All of these clubs and partner associations are represented in the Board of DeustoAlumni by the delegate of the board of each club, or the president of each partner association.

DeustoAlumni controls the following areas:

Networking and Social Life Employment Academic Training Entrepreneurship Solidarity/Volunteer Opportunities Benefits


Campus Deusto San Sebastián
Camino de Mundaiz, 50. 20012 San Sebastián
Tel.: +34 943 326 202

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