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ALBOAN is the NGO of the Society of Jesus in the Loyola Province that works in cooperation for development and growth.

With a foundation in Christian spirituality, the organization collects a sum of will and effort of people and organizations from the North and South in order to cultivate a citizenry committed to human development that is sustainable and accessible to all people equally.



Their specific assistance in this work consists of:

- Offering education and training to people and groups in order to foster their commitment to justice.

- Strengthening organizations that are working towards social transformation.

- Influencing, together with other organizations, the public and private policies that affect human development.


Their mode of action in any activity is characterized by mutual support.

Understand that this is a shared path of listening, dialogue, and ongoing support in which both parties mutually enrich and challenge who they are and what they do.

To make this work possible, the organization gives space to spiritual life and to the dimensions of meaning that encourage us. We are aware that in this meaning appear the convictions and motivations for collaborating to construct a culture of justice.



Campus Deusto San Sebastián
Camino de Mundaiz, 50. 20012 San Sebastián
Tel.: +34 943 326 202

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